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Voorschotenonline goes English

zaterdag 23 april 2016 15:58
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Voorschoten - Voorschotenonline is very pleased to announce that several articles on Voorschotenonline  in the future will be translated in English thanks to mrs Asheba Nikijuluw. She volunteered for this job and is bilangual.

“I am honoured with this position to write articles, announcements and information in English for The Voorschoten online paper. I am a qualified and experienced Native English Teacher, owner and founder of “The English Language Society” speaks the Dutch language fluently as well. I am
married with three children and have integrated into the Voorschoten Dutch Society.

My own International experience with bilingualism and its benefits have boosted my drive to make this possible for all students. I also coach, advise and guide students with their various career moves, national and International.

My motto is to tap into their own resources to find the magical invention and creation within themselves, aiding them to get onto an appropriate career move, with after care. Another one of my mottos is “I want to know what you can do not what you cannot do.”

My varied experience and credentials have equipped me to infuse the relevant practices and etiquette preparing youths for their future careers. I always give them a Plan B. I have worked with younger pupils, MBO students, Dutch Secondary Schools, The BSN and various International Companies.

I recently completed a Project for Stichting Lezen en Schrijfen, The ELINET Project. Anything related to education is exciting for me. My direct and honest approach to situations is welcomed by the youths of this generation. I approach each person with respect and instil that within them, allowing them to see their own potential.

I am thrilled and excited to embark on this innovative project. You will not be disappointed.

The editor of Voorschotenonline is very happy with Asheba’s offer. “Nearly everyone speaks English in this village. It is of course a world language. With the help of Asheba we can reach lots of different cultures to let them know what is going on in our beautiful town, which activities there are and more.” You’ll find the articles under the button ‘English’.

Press releases in English are more than welcome. And if you have an article to share or a story to tell, please do let us know and sent an email to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken..


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